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Residential sites for travellers

There are more than 400,000 travellers in France, and the law requires all local authorities with more than 5,000 residents to provide dedicated residential facilities for the travelling community. Departmental plans to provide these facilities have been prepared by central government in conjunction with local authorities.


As a contributor to social cohesion, the Saur Group (through SG2A - L'Hacienda, which joined the group in 2010) is working alongside local authorities to deliver this new mission :

  • providing local authorities with early-stage support in creating new residential facilities
  • renovating existing facilities
  • providing operation and maintenance services
  • providing administrative and financial management

SG2A - L'Hacienda is France’s leading operator of travellers’ sites, and has managed nearly 5,500 residential pitches in nearly half of the country’s departments since 2003. Its services are provided under outsourcing contracts or on demand for all types of facility :

  • temporary sites
  • short-stay sites
  • residential sites
  • long-stay sites
  • family sites

SG2A - L'Hacienda… working with the travelling community

Our reception staff are trained in listening, mediation and support skills. They guide people in their relationships with official bodies, including schools, CCAS Centres for Social Action, social services, mother and child protection services (PMI) and employment services, in ways that respect their lifestyle choices and customs. Over and above applying the administrative and financial rules set by the local authority, we assist travellers by implementing appropriate procedures that respond simultaneously to the specific needs of local authorities and those of the travelling families involved. .

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 Service quality

Our teams are committed to delivering high-quality service by :

  • listening attentively to client local authorities and users
  • complying with all legal and regulatory provisions, and closely monitoring legal developments
  • implementing safety measures
  • providing accurate, regular administrative and financial reports tailored to the needs of our clients (monthly statements, occupancy rate, duration of stay, etc.)

We maintain the communal spaces and perimeters of our sites on a daily basis, carrying out whatever refurbishment and/or upgrade works may be needed. We prepare the legally required annual occupancy statements, and support local authorities in identifying and securing funding.



The Caussade residential site for travellers plus-zoom

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