Local value creation

Creating employment opportunities and jobs

Insertion Cise TP La Carène. Insertion professionnelle et accès à l'emploi dans les métiers de l'eau.

Local authorities pay very special attention to jobs and employment opportunities within their areas, and more and more of them are including employment opportunity clauses in their tendering procedures and contracts.

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Flower Campings and Samibois, a partnership built on mutual development

Cosyflower, Construction de cabanes et lodges écologiques pour les terrains de campings

Wherever it operates, the Saur Group conducts its business on the basis of maintaining a sustainable presence within its environment to create value at local level, with particular focus on working closely with local companies. The partnership between Group subsidiary company Flower Campings and its Vendée-based supplier Samibois provides an excellent example of this commitment in action.

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