Territorial resources

The eco-responsible Golf & Nature initiative from Blue Green

Démarche Golf & Nature pour la biodiversité des parcours de golf avec la LPO. Golf de Baden blue Green

Golf courses provide pockets of green spaces covering tens of hectares within their own regional context. In addition to the fact that they often provide a very real defence against artificial land use, they can also contribute to providing eco-corridors to connect the - often protected - habitats that surround them.

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Wastewater treatment : phosphorus enters the circular economy

Station d'épuration de Nîmes : Saur récupère le phosphore

Our natural resources are not infinite. So the Saur Group is doing everything in its power to identify and perfect solutions that encourage and facilitate circular economy loops in every part of its business. Wastewater treatment plants offer significant potential as a resource in terms not only of energy, but also nutrients. Recovering the phosphorus contained in wastewater and residual sludge provides an excellent practical example of what can be achieved to limit the extraction of essential elements from the environment.

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