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The new Saurs' embodiment

To meet the challenges linked to our planet's most precious resource, it is together that we will have the greatest impact!
Through this unique and international space, located in the heart of Paris, we are committed to create an environment of sharing and co-creation to bring to life new digital solutions, new models of protection, preservation and enhancement of the resource.

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Meetings and exchanges

Favour a shared approach with all the actors who invest in innovative and rational water use.

Benefit from the knowledge of experts to implement best practices in the use of the resource. Bring a new perspective to your activity thanks to the multitude of actors committed to the defence of water: local authorities, industrialists, citizens, farmers and NGOs.

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Experiences and inspiration

Discover, test and appropriate the latest Saur innovations adapted to your needs

To better respond to the climate emergency, the Aquaverse allows you to discover the natural cycle of the resource and its domestic use. It is open to all innovative ideas because we are convinced that co-construction is one of the key success factors for designing appropriate solutions to concrete water-related issues.

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Collective innovation

Build and enhance a portfolio of digital solutions at the forefront of water transition issues.

Commit to reinventing human relationships with water through workshops based on collective intelligence. Together, let's become a reference on the future of water.

Participate in the Aquaverse experience

Would you like to discover our innovative solutions or present us with a collaborative project ?