As an expert and pure player in water engineering, Stereau is also committed to responsible and sustainable resource management. The safety of our people, the quality of the facilities we build, social responsibility and innovation are the four core commitments that characterise our identity.

Safety and compliance with environmental standards are our priorities

All Stereau teams are fully committed to our zero-accidents goal, as are our subcontractors. Our Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE) management system is based on:

  • Company Safety Improvement Manual (MASE) certification for personnel safety
  • The award of High-Quality Environmental certification for our infrastructures (HQE® / an adaptation of the French ‘NF Bâtiments tertiaires – Démarche HQE®’ standard for water industry buildings).

Social and societal responsibility: our commitment to our men and women

As a company on the human scale, we offer our people a positive environment in which to develop and pass on their skills:

  • Our employee commitment means that around 70% of our people receive training every year. To promote and share the excellence of our expertise, we also coordinate and develop a mentorship programme.
  • We work alongside our partners and service providers in a shared commitment to support and facilitate the employment integration of jobseekers with integration sessions on our worksites and reserved occupational vacancies.

Quality: a recognised and appreciated strength

Our installations are recognised and appreciated for their quality, and are accredited by a number of water treatment bodies and industry organisations:

  • AFNOR ISO 9001 quality management certification
  • Compliance with the standards set by Synteau (the French National Federation of Water Treatment Companies)

Innovation: to stay ahead of the game

Our Research & Development (R&D) centre identifies and develops new processes with the potential to meet tomorrow’s challenges:

  • Ten pilot projects in place throughout France to test new processes

Our R&D function shares the CSR commitment of the rest of the Group and takes great care to control its impacts:

  • Applying eco-design principles to water treatment processes