Research and development


From the research phase right through to project delivery and operation, Stereau addresses the imperatives of sustainable development to deliver measurable results :

  • lower energy and reagent consumption
  • optimised use of natural resources
  • processes integrated to address and minimise environmental impacts, especially in terms of noise and odour




Applied research

Stereau and the Saur Group have implemented a management system designed to make productive use of feedback, as well as an applied research entity. Working in close contact with field operations, the Group R&D Department sets concrete targets in order to deliver tangible and measurable benefits for clients. Our R&D projects are conducted on-site, with our teams operating small pilot processing units in partnership with local authorities. These pilot units provide the opportunity to experiment with our processes under real-life operating conditions that allow us to work towards relevant and fully-tested solutions.

The R&D Department is also involved in selecting the products (membranes, biotechnologies, reactors, ultrasound systems, etc.) fitted during plant construction. The products selected often form the basis for exclusive partnerships and specialist adaptation.


Stereau, la recherche appliquée sur site


Capitalising on feedback

Stereau expertise is constantly developed through a conscious policy of improving our knowledge and understanding of technologies and their applications. From construction to handover, feedback from every project phase is analysed and monitored by a multidisciplinary team of specialists. We apply the same working method to plant operation, where feedback is integrated from the design stage onwards, and used to guide R&D towards product and process optimisation.