Stereau processes

The Saur Research and Development teams and their counterparts at Stereau have developed and patented many processes for the treatment of drinking water and wastewater. Saur solutions are based on innovative technologies that enable processes to be adapted to fluctuations in quality, to optimise energy and reagent consumption, to eliminate micro-pollutants and to reuse treated water.



Combining traditional biological treatment of wastewater using activated sludge with submerged plate membrane filtration, this process is particularly well suited to the constraints imposed by sensitive environments and coastal areas. Plants using this technology are three times smaller than traditional plants.

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L’association du bioréacteur à membranes plaques immergées AQUA-RM® et du CARBOPLUS®, réacteur à Charbon Actif Fluidisé à renouvellement continu, constitue la meilleure technique disponible pour le traitement complet, des polluants jusqu’aux micropolluants, des eaux résiduaires urbaines ou industrielles.

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As a biological treatment process using biofiltration on Biozzolane, BIOLEST® is particularly suitable for use in small-scale plants with variable loads and/or diluted effluents, and for installation in sensitive environments.

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Developed in response to operating constraints imposed by types of water that are difficult to treat, such as water abstracted from highly eutrophic lakes or reservoirs subject to chronic pesticide pollution, CARBOFLUX® offers permanent absorption of all peaks in pesticides or other absorbable soluble pollutants with no requirement for operational intervention.

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processes, and operates on the principle of a fluidised activated carbon micro-granule reactor in which the filtration medium is constantly replaced.

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This volume reduction and energy recovery process optimises the performance of conventional anaerobic digestion systems. The methanisation process is improved and accelerated by ultrasound pre-treatment of residual sludge.

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Based on natural evaporation, HELIOCYCLE® is an eco-friendly and economic response that uses the inherent properties of air and sun to address the problems posed by sludge storage and removal.

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This solar drying process is assisted by input from a heat pump to provide continual sludge drying by optimising the use made of renewable energy.


Biological treatment of odours generated as a result of wastewater and residual sludge treatment.

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Using ultrafiltration membranes as part of the treatment process delivers unrivalled treatment quality and unrivalled health and safety. As the final stage of treatment, ultrafiltration forms part of an overall treatment chain tailored to the specific characteristics of a given water resource.

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Ultrasound treatment of residual sludge.

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