Stereau specialist expertise


With full support from our Research and Development Department teams, the specialists of Stereau work within a set of guidelines that take full account of :

Stereau, Riantec

  • financial requirements
  • performance requirements
  • environmental and architectural constraints


Each project is conducted in the presence of, and under the permanent control of, the client (contracting authority, project manager and future operator).



Project management

Stereau, expertise techniqueStereau teams apply a project management methodology whose central main goal is to deliver our technical commitments on-budget and on-schedule. Our expert resources and methods cover the following disciplines :


  • project definition
  • general coordination
  • cost and lead time management
  • quality
  • human resources
  • communication
  • risk management
  • delivery of contractual commitments



Expertise and consultancy

Stereau also responds effectively to additional requirements by offering a full range of water treatment engineering support services  :


  • plant diagnostics
  • process development
  • setup and securing of funding
  • the facilities and processes required for treatment plant construction and/or upgrading
  • training



Stereau is a member of Synteau  (the French National Union of Water Treatment Companies).