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Cise TP

Cise TP is the Saur Group infrastructure services specialist dedicated to pipeline design, installation and repair. In common with all Saur Group companies, Cise TP benefits directly from the substantial resources devoted to applied research by its parent company.

As a result, Cise TP has access to, and uses, the very latest technical advances in pipeline management, including :

  • vacuum drain cleaning trucks that provide effective pipeline cleaning, avoiding the need for trench excavation
  • injection techniques that enable pipeline remediation without excavation

Every aspect of the work carried out by Cise is covered by TP ISO 9002, and the company works on every type of pipeline network, from raw water to drinking water, wastewater drainage and storm water drainage :

  • pipeline laying and remediation
  • replacement of lead connections
  • pipeline remediation without excavation
Cise TP, pôle travaux du groupe Saur

Cise TP commitments

  • situation-specific reports
  • high-quality service provision
  • site safety
  • on-time project delivery
  • customer satisfaction