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Reduction in environmental pollution

At the same time as guaranteeing the quality of the services it provides, Cise TP also protects the quality of life for those living and working near its sites. We work closely with our project managers to prepare action plans that minimise site-generated pollution for residents and the environment. In urban communities, we ensure that our working hours are compatible with the life styles of residents, and adapt to any seasonal influences.

Sound pollution

  • speed limits for on-site vehicles
  • the use of soundproofed equipment regularly maintained in accordance with all applicable legislation
  • well-defined working hours

Dust protection

  • roadways cleaned regularly to guarantee our quality in and around the site
  • damping down of plant and equipment in high-dust situations
  • special provisions covering the removal of asbestos, which is undertaken by accredited specialist personnel
  • no on-site incineration of waste

Protection of natural habitats

  • use of appropriate plant and equipment to avoid damage to trees and other vegetation (preliminary studies are conducted wherever necessary)
  • containment of liquid chemicals
  • removal from site of contaminated materials by approved specialist contractors as part of formalised waste removal plans
  • regular checking of site plant
  • special treatment procedures for wastewater from on-site accommodation
  • disinfection and washing operations conducted in accordance with all regulations
  • post-handover water quality testing conducted by an approved laboratory