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Flower Campings

Early a third of all French campsites are run by local authorities. In 2012, the number of open-air hospitality room nights fell by 1.6%, largely as a result of fewer people going on holiday. Nevertheless, the Flower network of campsites saw an increase in its number of room nights over the same period.

By offering a holiday experience focused on quality, shared enjoyment and a diverse range of activities at the right price, Flower Campings has established a high profile in a very competitive market by demonstrating its ability to meet the needs and aspirations of tomorrow’s holidaymakers. Although affordability remains an important factor for 83% of French campers, they are also increasingly demanding in terms of comfort (64%), natural surroundings (86%) and human contact in terms of friendliness (90%) and family (84%).

In responding to the increasing level of interest in this type of holiday, local authorities are committed to improving the hospitality offered by their campsites. But in doing so, they often find themselves with complex projects on their hands, involving many different trades and disciplines, from landscape design to property renovation, as well as the design and delivery of specific leisure facilities.

Flower Campings

Saur: the full-service operator for campsite development and management

Flower Campings

The Flower Campings chain of campsites joined the Saur Group in 2009. Providing an attractive alternative to the anonymity of club-run campsites, Flower Campings sites encourage friendliness, regional exploration and opportunities to discover the natural world. The network has grown quickly, and now includes more than 116 campsites, all with more than 120 pitches: by the sea, in the countryside and in the mountains, they fly the company flag throughout France.

Flower Campings positions Saur as a full-service operator offering:

  • day-to-day campsite management
  • preliminary studies
  • refurbishment of facilities: swimming pools, toilet and shower blocks, reception areas, landscaping and leisure infrastructures.

Everything we do is conceived and developed in close collaboration with local authority managers, based on their local goals, resources, tourism market positioning and development policy. Our ambition is to ensure that every campsite entrusted to our management is rapidly upgraded to the latest standards to boost its classification and rating.

Lastly, our expertise in sustainable development and experience in Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE) compliance guarantee our customers an excellent level of service delivery for infrastructure and construction projects.