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Perspective Centrale Longoni - Mayotte

Saur formed EDM (Electricité De Mayotte) in partnership with EDF (Electricité De France) and the local authorities of Mayotte. The EDM Public-Private Partnership generates, transmits, distributes and sells electricity to the island’s 180,000 residents.

EDM has implemented a range of schemes to control energy demand, from energy purchase contracts with photovoltaic farms to encouraging the construction of low-energy housing and developing solar water-heating facilities.

Key figures

Logo EDM
  • 190 000 residents
  • 41 000 customers
  • 200 employees
  • 320 MWh of electricity generated annually

At the same time as doubling its generating and distribution capacity, EDM is launching a project that marks a worldwide first: the ability to switch seamlessly between solar and conventional power
Working in conjunction with INES (the French Solar Energy Institute), EDM is embarking on a solar energy stirage research programlme unlike any other in the world