Collecting wastewater

Our mission as a wastewater services operator is to ensure the maintenance and effective operation of the wastewater collection pipeline system and the wastewater treatment plants we manage.


In maintaining pipeline systems, we take a preventative approach based on regular inspection and testing, backed up by scheduled remediation and repair programmes. Our resources and teams are available 24/7 to provide an immediate response to emergencies anywhere in the systems we operate.

Our maintenance services are focused on maintaining the integrity of wastewater collection pipeline systems.

Tests and diagnostics

To conduct tests and diagnostics, we use video inspection and leakage tests throughout our pipeline systems, including branch connections and inspection points.

Our teams have access to specialist techniques and a broad range of specialist pumping and waste removal vehicles. We use inspection cameras capable of operation not only in pipelines, but also in branch connections and inspection points.

The plants we manage are subject to a rigorous programme of self-monitoring that covers everything from overall plant operation to discharge quality to ensure that all metrics comply with the imperatives imposed by our Quality, Safety and Environment policy.

Our pipeline systems specialists


With a presence in every department of Brittany, our subsidiary company H2O carries out  a full range of preventive and remedial maintenance operations and pipeline system inspections in Western France. H20 is accredited by the French national accreditation body Cofrac.

EVJ – CET provides similar services in the Drôme and Isère regions of Southern France.