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Information and awareness about the challenges posed by water

As part of generating a higher level of public understanding about the environmental challenges associated with the water cycle, Saur develops and deploys a range of communication resources tailored to the needs of different audiences, from the general public to schools and technical staff.

Water classes

The H2O Classes run by Saur in the Morbihan region of France are designed to introduce schoolchildren to the water cycle. More than 50 primary school classes, from Year 1 to Year 6 have already learned about eco-friendly ways of saving water and water-related issues, from the production of drinking water through to the treatment of wastewater.

Responsible gardening

10% of all pollution caused by plant protection products originates in domestic gardens.

Working in partnership with the Les jardiniers de France  gardening organisation, Saur has published a Responsible Gardening guideand hosted a series of hands-on workshops to give amateur gardeners practical experience of good environmental practices.