Operational control

A connected centralised management system: our Operations Control Centres (OCC)

Our operational structure is designed to address the three essential goals of ensuring service continuity, impeccable hygiene and operational traceability. To achieve that, we introduced a centralised structure within each of our regional directorates, each of which now has an Operations Control Centre (OCC) and Customer Service Centre (CSC). This structure allows us to optimise our operation of pipeline networks and plants, at the same time as maximising risk prevention.

Each OCC :

  • co-ordinates the response provided by field operations for which it is responsible
  • collects and analyses operations management data

Each OCC is the focal point for managing the operational aspects of all contracts within its region. Each is manned by around 40 staff, responsible for managing some 500 operators and technicians taking care of 45,000 km of pipelines, more than 5,000 installations and nearly 100,000 items of electromechanical control devices.

Saur operations control centres are essential contributors to performance, forward planning and transparency

The OCCs facilitate the day-to-day exchange of data between our support teams and their operational counterparts, and enhance our ability to respond through :

  • faster incident and crisis management response times (300,000 emergency callouts every year)
  • improved operational team availability
  • full traceability of all operations

With our information systems and the latest generation telecoms facilities at its core, this structured organisation enables Saur to respond rapidly and accurately to every request for technical and operational information, from mapping data to analytical reports.

Our customers have permanent access to details of current events, scheduled events and past events within their local authority area. This sharing of information makes it easier to anticipate future needs, identify priorities and take the right decisions.