Projects supported in 2019


Aix-les-Bains (73): computer equipment to combat exclusion.

Saur Solidarités contributes to the Grandir Ensemble educational programme for 24 children receiving educational assistance in the priority district of Marlioz (Aix-les-Bains) by purchasing computer equipment. This project is supported by the Ma Chance Moi Aussiassociation.

Cholet (49): computer equipment for people with disabilities.

The Soleil mutual assistance group (GEM – Groupe d’Entraide Mutuelle) is an association open to adults experiencing mental health problems. It asked Saur Solidarités to replace the computer equipment used by the 70 people in difficulty supported by the association.

Côtes-d’Armor (22): healthy housing and professional integration with the Compagnons Bâtisseurs Bretagne.

Saur Solidarités has renewed its support for the Côtes-d’Armor branch of the Compagnons Bâtisseurs (master builders), targeting the professional integration of two young people. They will work on renovation projects for substandard housing in Dinan and rural areas of the department.

Saumur (49): combating educational exclusion through vocational training.

Responding to the call from the ISTA (social integration through adapted work) association, Saur Solidarités is helping to create a T’Cap – T’Pro production school, specialising in training metalworkers and welders, by purchasing industrial and educational equipment and welding machines. This equipment will benefit 40 young people aged 15 to 18, excluded from the educational system, on a four-year training programme.


Burma: improving access to water in the centre of the country.

This project, led by the Gret association, aims to improve conditions for access to water and sanitation in the city of Magway (76,000 inhabitants).

Burkina Faso: developing agriculture in the Sahel.
Saur Solidarités is helping create two boreholes to supply drinking water to the municipalities of Picerghin (600 inhabitants) and Salembaore (400 inhabitants). Initiated by the Aide et Partage Burkina association, this project will provide access to water for market gardens.

Burkina Faso: waterproofing a water retention basin.

The Armor Burkina Faso association is carrying out a market gardening development project in the municipality of Imassogo (600 inhabitants). Saur Solidarités is providing financial assistance to the Armor Burkina Faso association to waterproof a 250m3 retention basin designed to store monsoon water. It will guarantee the food autonomy and food security for all the families in the village.

Cambodia: improving hygiene in a primary school.
At the request of ADC (Cambodian Development Aid) association, Saur Solidarités will provide the drinking water treatment equipment necessary to support the health and good hygiene practices of the 250 pupils at the primary school in the village of Sambourg, in northwest Cambodia.

Cambodia: quality water in Khmer country.

Launched by the Les Amis du Pays Khmer association, this project supported by Saur Solidarités is helping to drill 15 wells and build 15 reservoirs to provide sufficient quality water to 3,500 schoolchildren and their 70 teachers in the Grand District of Samlot.

Cameroon: supporting access to water in rural areas.

Saur Solidarités will help to improve the supply of drinking water (boreholes, standpipes, electrification of reservoirs, etc.) at the Bongo health centre, serving a population of around 15,000 people. This project is supported by the AAMABA (Friendship and Mutual Action with Bongo and Surrounding Areas) association.

West Bank: supporting agriculture against water stress.

Saur Solidarités is helping to improve water conveyance on a West Bank farm of 45 plots in Anabta, via the Association Bouguenais Jumelage Coopération. The project involves the purchase of materials suitable for water stress to control water reserves and the rational distribution of farmland.

Côte-d’Ivoire: restoring drinking water.

The association Le Petit Colibri asked Saur Solidarités to renovate 15 of the 90 pumps used to supply drinking water to the town of Djebonoua (47 villages and 28,000 inhabitants). The aid will also be used to set up a seed fund to share responsibility for maintaining these various water points.

Ethiopia: promoting access to hygiene for schoolgirls in working-class districts.

The Vision du Monde association asked Saur Solidarités to help build two latrine blocks for 1,200 girls from two schools in the vulnerable districts of Lalo Asabi and Haroji Harowa (Ethiopia).

Mali: a solar pump and a water tower in Kampiasso.

Submitted by the Association pour Monviel et Sikasso, the project involves equipping the village of Kampiasso (Mali, 2,500 inhabitants) with a solar pump and a water tower. It will provide access to a viable supply of drinking water and create jobs as part of the operation of a 10,000m2 market garden.

Senegal: contributing to rural economic development.

At the request of the Union au Développement de la Communauté Rurale de Némataba association, Saur Solidarités is funding the installation of a solar pump and the renovation of a borehole in the rural municipality of Némataba (10,000 inhabitants). This first phase will restore the supply to the school, college and health facilities.

Vietnam: drinking water in Tan Thoi.

The Pousse Pousse association presented Saur Solidarités with a water supply project serving 13 hamlets on the island of Tan Thoi in the Mekong Delta. The support provided will help improve quality of life for the 5,000 inhabitants, as well as the health of children, who frequently fall victim to water-borne diseases that mean they have to drop out of school.