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Protecting bathing water quality

Bathing water in general, and coastal waters in particular, have ecosystems particularly exposed to human pressure of all kinds, including pathogenic microorganisms, hydrocarbons, toxic microalgae and nitrates. Maintaining the quality of these natural environments and the water they contain is a major challenge, given the many activities that depend upon it either directly or indirectly.

An integrated approach

As a longstanding partner of coastal communities, we have developed an all-inclusive and integrated approach to ensuring the quality of water used for recreational purposes:

  • Bathing water profiling (initial profiling and updates)
  • Overall management of the bathing water pollution risk
  • High-speed analyses
  • Active management of bathing water using Omer® and Oser®
  • Beach management certification

Active management of water used for recreational purposes

Active management is a monitoring system that enables the earliest-possible detection of any pollution risk by analysing multiple parameters, including weather forecasts, watercourse instrumentation and wastewater treatment systems monitoring. Active management goes hand-in-hand with the use of standby teams to provide the public with real-time information.

Omer Oser logo

With Omer® for coastal bathing areas, and Oser® for freshwater bathing areas, we offer :

  • An alert system capable of identifying pollution risks in real time
  • A high-speed sampling and analysis system that delivers results within a few hours of samples being taken
  • A communication system and resources that enable information to be shared amongst all stakeholders (local authority, police authority and beach manager) and distributed to the public

Omer® and Oser® help communities to :

  • Avoid the risk of bathing area de-classification or closure
  • Identify pollution risks and put in place the appropriate action plans
  • Implement professional water quality management systems
  • Develop incident alert networks
  • Improve the quality of waters used for recreational purposes

Our website gives our customers real-time access to water quality data for their beaches.