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National OCC coverage for bespoke service delivery throughout France

Key figures

  • 6 700 local authorities clients
  • 7 millions consumers
  • 4 000 field operations staff
  • 4 millions responses coordinated every year
  • Plus de 50 000 data items gathered and processed evert week
  • 180 000 km of dringking water supply pipelines systems
  • 3,2 million connections
  • 27 650 structures under management, including 5 350
    treatment facilities
  • 16 000  OCC-connected remotely managed locations generating more than 300 000 variables
  • 15 000  OCC-connected sectorisation meters


Our performance-focused OCCs – Operations Control Centres – offer local authorities the same consistent level of service excellence throughout their administrative areas. By providing open access for local authorities, CCOs become their water services management resource, and allow Saur to respond effectively to the desire of local councillors to take back control of water policy.


Saur OCCs: nationwide coverage

Every operational facility we manage is connected to the 8 OCCs located in mainland France, Réunion and the French West Indies. Since the end of 2013, we have upgraded 5 of our OCCs as part of our dynamic approach to technical performance and extracting maximum benefit from our resources. This nationwide coverage means we are able to offer the same level of service to all our clients.



A global overview of the region and all its data

The sensors installed in the 30,000 facilities and 180,000 km of pipelines we manage provide our clients with real-time visibility of network status through their region. Using Google Earth, they can view all their facilities and every ongoing job throughout their water supply and wastewater treatment systems.


Gathered directly by our own sensors and analysed by our experts, these data provide invaluable input for decision-making and investment choices. A broad range of performance reports is available on demand tailored to the goals and expectations of each individual client :

•   Water quality

•   Technical faults

•   Pipe failures
•   Leaks and complaints
•   Energy costs


Local authorities can access data, maps and performance reports via a secure, interactive cloud computing platform.




Uniting expertise and management for optimum operational control

Each OCC is structured around an operations coordination hub with responsibility for scheduling and controlling field operations and technicians.
The OCC also incorporates five distinct centres of expertise: mapping, hydraulics, asset management, maintenance and process management, all offering bespoke solutions to local authorities.




Expertise and consultancy

This combination of data and expertise enhances our ability to contribute proactively through better forecasting and planning to address potential future local authority asset management scenarios.




OCCs offer regions a new model for collaborative working

The technologies implemented by our OCCs have opened the door to a new model for collaborative working with our clients, at the same time as promoting greater proximity and dialogue between local authorities and operators.
Continual information flows, the ability to obtain data immediately to address urgent issues, a region-wide overview and expert analyses allow local authorities to adopt an active policy of managing all water policy issues.  As a result, better informed investment choices and decisions can be made in many different areas, from pipeline networks to energy costs and capital expenditure.


Crisis management

Where crisis management becomes a necessity, our OCCs enable a much higher level of responsiveness and efficiency as a result of high-speed information availability and our ability to mobilise our experts and technical teams.