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23 July 2018

The EQT european fund has entered into exclusive negotiations with a view to acquiring the Saur group

Following the decision made by the Supervisory Board of the Saur Group last April to launch the search for one or more stable partners to accompany their development, the Group’s shareholders have entered into exclusive negotiations with EQT. EQT is a European investment fund with[...]

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27 April 2018

A new water industry careers training course in Saumur

With support from the Pays de Loire Region and the Saumur Val de Loire urban authority, the Lycée des Ardilliers has partnered with Saur to create a new water industry careers training course. A water industry careers training course that combines theory with hands-on practical experience.[...]

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3 April 2018

Saur: transitioning to a new shareholder structure to support the development of the group

  The Saur group Supervisory board has taken the decision to seek one or more financially stable partners to support the development of the company. The current shareholders may remain shareholders up to a maximum equity stake of 30%. The decision by the Supervisory board to[...]

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9 November 2017

Saur launches its new Initiative 2022 strategic ambition Target

    With Initiative 2022, Saur is reasserting its commitment to expansion by setting a target to boost its annual revenue by €700 million between now and 2022. Now refocused on the Group's water core businesses, this new corporate plan is supported by new investment capacity and[...]

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19 October 2017

A new governance structure to support growth

      Following the sale of its waste management business at the beginning of the year, Saur is now concentrating on expanding its business in the water services sector, not only in France, but also internationally. To deliver its new Initiative 2022 strategic project, its governance structure[...]

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19 October 2017

Saur acquires startup company ImaGeau and extends its reach into water resource management services

  Saur has acquired ImaGeau, the company spun off by the CNRS Géosciences research centre in Montpellier, which specialises in active management of underground water resources. This purchase follows on from an initial national partnership formed in 2016 between Saur and ImaGeau to offer targeted local[...]

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17 July 2017

Jean-Damien Pô is appointed as director of human resources, strategy and forward planning at Saur

  Executive Chairman Louis-Roch Burgard has appointed Jean-Damien Pô as the new Saur Director of Human Resources, Strategy and Forward Planning. He will also be a member of the executive committee.   Jean-Damien Pô is 43, a former student of the Ecole Normale, a graduate of the[...]

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12 May 2017

Christophe Piednoël is appointed as Director of Communication, Institutional Relations and Marketing at Saur Group

  Louis-Roch Burgard has appointed Christophe Piednoël as the new Director of Communication, Institutional Relations and Marketing of the Saur Group, and a member of its executive committee.   Christophe Piednoël (52) holds a Masters degree in communication and environment from the University of Paris VII, and graduated[...]

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7 April 2017

Saur sells its waste management business (COVED) and presses ahead with its strategy of refocusing on water

    The Saur Group strategy to refocus its business on water was launched in 2015, and continues with the sale of Coved, its waste management business, to recycling and waste management specialist Paprec.   In disposing of its waste management company (2,800 employees and revenue of €344[...]

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6 January 2017

Saur, Hydrowatt and Saint-Gobain PAM unite forces to generate hydropower at Annonay using a facility unique in France

  In appointing Saur to provide its drinking water services, the town of Annonay and its wider community have opted for a technology unique in France, which generates energy from its drinking water supply pipeline network using an axial microturbine marketed by Saint-Gobain PAM.   La microturbine à[...]

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