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Data quality: Saur rolls out the mobile virtual office to improve water service responsiveness

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Mobi+, the new mobile app for smartphones and tablets, gives Saur field staff a rich level of information presented in an easy-to-use format, and a permanent link to the Operations Control Centres (OCCs): its simplified browsing structure provides easy access to schedules, map-based visualisation of engineered structures (plants, reservoirs, pipeline networks, etc.), work in progress, GPS guidance and an historic log of field operations…


The availability of all these functions in mobile form responds directly to a major challenge: delivering a more responsive service to our clients by updating our information system in real time using more reliable data entered as close as possible to their source.


Using digital technology to improve drinking water and wastewater treatment services


Designed for maximum user convenience and simplicity of use, the main Mobi+ screen is structured around a map to provide an effective browsing interface for the app. It generates asset data reports and uploads operational issues to the water operations control centres (OCCs), complete with photos, videos and comments added via a voice recognition function.


The video conferencing function provides instant contact with 350 OCC-based experts so that issues encountered by operators in the field can be resolved straight away. Other functions enable the generation of complex and personalisable job reports with embedded photographs and/or videos. This ability to upload such a rich variety of data from field operations adds real value that contributes to service optimisation and adds greater depth and detail to the information shared with local authorities.


« Our teams spend a lot of time on the road. We needed a system that would work like a mobile office to provide them with all the information we have available, and conversely, for them to be able to upload data to us”, explains Frédéric Renaut, Head of Smart Technologies for the Saur Group.


Putting clients at the heart of our concerns is a cornerstone of Saur management policy. Data quality is a key factor for progress towards delivering a new level of client service.