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Anti-corruption policy

The Saur Group has adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards Corruption across the full scope of its business activity.

Having signed up to the United Nations Global Compact in 2003, the Group is committed to the fight against Corruption in all its forms, with particular reference to the UN Convention against Corruption of 31 October 2003.

We are committed to conducting our business activities within a sound environment of integrity, in compliance with applicable regulations, our code of conduct and all our procedures. Additionally, we must always ensure that all our partners and co-contractors undertake to respect these same commitments. We fully assume responsibility for our actions within our sphere of influence.

This policy and related procedures must be communicated extensively and promoted with the deepest conviction both inside and outside the Saur Group.

This policy will be updated on a regular basis in order to reflect the implementation of an ongoing improvement process.

Anti-corruption policy

Politique anti-corruption du groupe Saur