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CSR, solidarity and ethics commitments

Foralmost 90 years, Saur is protecting the water supply.Saur places its environmental and societal commitments at the heart of its strategy. Ensuring water safety, responding to the challenges of climate change or strengthening our local integration: Saur acts in a sustainable and responsible way on a daily basis.

Since its creation, the Saur group has supported major societal changes in favor of human progress: improving human health through improved hygiene, access for all to sufficient drinking and healthy water, preservation of the environment and a resource essential to life.

In a world in search of balance, it is now essential to reason in a global and transversal way. It is in this spirit that Saur is mobilizing to anticipate and support the changes in society.

Solidarity, support for fragile populations, fight against global warming, preservation of biodiversity, ethics, equal opportunities, territorial development, etc., our collective challenges are manifold. We are fully engaged in action at the heart of the territories and proud to have our place there.