Redesigned following the 2018 arrival of new majority shareholder EQT, Saur Group governance is structured around a supervisory board, an advisory committee and two specialist committees (the audit committee and the appointments and remuneration committee).

Supervisory board & advisory committee

The supervisory board has seven members: one representing EQT, five independent members and one employee representative. It meets at least four times per year.
The supervisory board overseas the management of the Company by its chairman. It makes decisions on strategic issues affecting Company life. The supervisory board is supported by an advisory committee.

Specialist committees

Audit committee

The two members of the audit committee meet at least three times per year.

Its core mission is to examine the financial statements to ensure that the financial information they contain truthful and that the company’s internal compliance systems are effective. It inspects treasury management, supervises Group risk management and examines disputes or arbitrations above a certain threshold.

Appointments and remuneration committee

The two members of the appointments and remuneration committee meet at least twice per year.

Its mission is to advise on the appointment, dismissal and remuneration (including bonuses and benefits of any kind) of the Chairman and members of the executive committee, and any other Group employee whose gross fixed annual salary exceeds a certain threshold. It is also consulted regarding the underlying principles of the Group remuneration policy, the implementation of any profit-sharing plan for Group employees, and the mandatory annual pay negotiations.    

General management committee

Chaired by Patrick Blethon, the general management committee has 6 members.

It meets weekly to address issues and factors of direct relevance to day-to-day company operations.

The Saur Group executive commitee

Chaired by Patrick Blethon, the executive committee has 18 members. The executive committee has responsibility for consideration, consultation and decision-making. It meets monthly to address major issues and factors affecting the life of the company.

Patrick Blethon Executive Chairman
Hugo Bardi Chief Executive of Stereau
Stéphane Brunel Senior Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer
Pierre Casteran Executive Vice-President Water Operations France South-West
Thierry Chatry Executive Vice-President Water Operations France West
Corinne Descours Executive Vice-President Communication & CSR
Anne-Laure Duvaud Executive Vice-President General Counsel
Estelle Grelier Senior Executive Vice-President Development, Marketing, Customer Services and Institutional Relations
Alice Guehennec Vice-President Digital & Information Systems
Fabrice Hazard Executive Vice-President Water Operations France South-East
Thommas Lesprit Senior Executive Vice-President Strategy, Transformation & New Services
Vincent Pégoud Executive Vice-President Water Operations France Center & East
Xavier Piccino Executive Vice-President Water Operations Northern France & Paris Region
Jean-Damien Pô Senior Executive Vice-President Human Resources
Frédéric Renaut Executive Vice-President Digital Innovation
Christophe Tanguy Senior Executive Vice-President Operations & Supply Chain
Emmanuel Vivant Senior Executive Vice-President International