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The Saur Group international growth strategy

Ever since the 1960s, we have been exporting not just our expertise, but also our environmental, humanitarian and social principle and values within all our projects.



Our service provision options

These reflect the diversity of our current contractual structures :


  • Public-private partnership
  • Technical Support : 
  • Management contract
  • EPC (Engineering–Procurement-Construction)
  • BOT (Build–Operate–Transfer)  
  • Lease Contract 



Our principles

Wherever the location, and regardless of the conditions, we ensure our solutions combine quality of service with integration of our principles combined with practices that meet the local context.
Stratégie du groupe Saur à l'internationalFaithful to our Comité 21 sustainable development commitments, we put local employees and teams through a concerted programme of training and skills transfer initiatives.





Logo Global CompactAs an active member of the UN Global Compact, we apply its principles by caring for the wellbeing of our people and local residents and by using environmentally respectful techniques.




Our areas of specialist expertise

Internationally, we make our contribution to service provision over the long term on the basis of our core business experience in engineering and construction, public utilities outsourcing, infrastructure and project management.  Over and above these areas of specialist expertise, we have also developed a series of specific skills vital to the long-term success of our projects :


  • Skills transfer
    Our goal is to do everything it takes to ensure that the organisations which call on our services are self-sufficient before we  complete our projects.
  • Alternative resources
    Providing technologies that address issues of water stress, such as seawater desalination and water re-use.
  • Customer relations engineering
    Defining the processes, flows and organisational structures that deliver optimum customer relations.
  • Crisis management
    Anticipating risks and putting in place crisis management procedures.
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