Water supply and wastewater treatment services
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Water supply and wastewater treatment services in Poland

Saur Neptun Gdansk : water supply and wastewater treatment services for the cities of Gdansk and Sopot

Water supply and wastewater treatment services in Poland

City of Gdansk

In 1992, the Saur Group was the first to sign a public services management partnership with urban authorities in Central Europe.
The resulting public-private partnership Saur Neptun Gdansk is owned 51% by Saur and 49% by the city ofGdansk, and is responsible for producing and supplying drinking water, and providing wastewater treatment services for the cities of Gdansk and Sopot, which have a combined population of 500,000.

Over the years, Saur Neptun Gdansk has introduced a succession of high-performance management systems and has upgraded drinking water production facilities and wastewater treatment plants. Saur Neptun Gdansk has also restructured and upgraded customer services, as well as establishing its own training centre for operators, a design services company and a certificated analytical and quality control laboratory.
The ISO 22000:2005 certification awarded in 2010 gave the official stamp of approval to the quality of water supplied in Gandsk and Sopot.
Saur Neptun Gdansk is now a leading player in the Polish water services management market.

  • 500 000 residents served
  • 30 millions m3 of drinking water produced annually
  • 2 500 km of pipeline systems

Saur Polska

Saur Polska was established in 2009 to develop the presence of Saur in three sectors of the Polish market: engineering and construction, operation and hydraulics expertise.

In 2012, Saur Polska signed its first PPP (public-private partnership) agreement with the local authority of Konstancin-Jeziorna on the outskirts of Warsaw.

Potable water and wastewater treatment in Poland

Wastewater treatment plant of Konstancin – Jeziorna

The agreement covers the engineering, construction, funding and operation of the Konstancin-Jeziorna wastewater treatment plant.

Saur – Konstancja

Saur – Konstancja was formed as a direct result of this agreement.  Having upgraded and extended this wastewater treatment infrastructure opened in September 2015, the company now has full responsibility for its operation and maintenance. The Konstancin-Jeziorna wastewater treatment plant serving 30,000 PE now sets the benchmark for Poland.

Saur – Konstancja uses a biological activated sludge treatment process to guarantee high-quality effluent treatment and ensure that for the next thirty years, only environmentally clean outflows are discharged into the natural world.