Saudi Arabia

The Saur Group has maintained an operating presence in Saudi Arabia since 2005.

Management of water supply and wastewater management services for Mecca and Taïf

From 2010 to 2016, the National Water Company (NWC) awarded a water supply and wastewater treatment management contract for the cities of Mecca and Taïf to the Franco-Saudi consortium Saur-ZAMIL.

This 6-year management contract covered drinking water production and distribution, as well as wastewater treatment services. It included the operation and management of 4,200 km of drinking water supply pipelines and 2,500 km of wastewater collection pipelines. Approximately 555,000 m³ of water were supplied daily.

Gestion de l'eau et de l'assainissement à La Mecque et Taïf

The award of this contract followed the provision of technical support to the city of Mecca in 2009, and technical audits conducted in Dammam, Al Khobar and Jeddah in 2006 and 2007.

Provision of water supply and wastewater management services for the new city of Jubail

Assainissement et de refroidissement industriel de la ville nouvelle de Jubail dans l'est de l'Arabie Saoudite

Working in partnership with Marafiq, the Gulf’s leading private water and electricity service provider, the Saur Group has been responsible since 2011 for the operation and maintenance of water supply, wastewater treatment and industrial cooling services for the new city of Jubail in eastern Saudi Arabia (population 250,000).
This 8-year partnership takes the form of an Operating & Maintenance Joint Venture owned 51% by Marafiq and 49% by Saur. Under the terms of this joint venture, the Saur Group provides operational management and has responsibility for setting up the organisational structure, implementing action plans and achieving contractual performance targets.

  • Drinking water : wholesale purchase and management of water on the basis of 250,000 m³ per day (produced by desalination), and management of an 885-km supply system.
  • Wastewater treatment : 1 treatment plant (72,000 m³ per day) for domestic wastewater, 1 treatment plant (60,000 m³ per day) for industrial wastewater, and 621 km of collection system.
  • Industrial cooling using seawater : the water is supplied to companies for the purpose of industrial plant cooling: 28 pumps with a combined rated capacity of 1,222,000 m3 per hour, and 14 km of open supply channels.

Water and sanitation services in Yanbu Industrial City


Since july 2014, Marafiq has selected MaSa, the joint venture between Saur and the Saudi group, Marafiq, to operate and maintain the wastewater facilities and the water distribution network in Yanbu Industrial City, second largest oil hub after Jubail Industrial City.

The contract will run for six years and covers the collection and treatment of wastewater from two water treatment plants (one domestic, one industrial), and maintenance of the wastewater and drinking water networks in residential and industrial areas.

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