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Processing technologies

Based on decades of engineering experience in the water industry, all around the world, as well as its Research & Development activities, Saur has developed cutting-edge technologies for communities and industry. These cover the entire water cycle (from production of drinking water to wastewater treatment) and are designed to optimise facilities’ operation.

Among the Group’s entire technological portfolio, some examples of high value-added solutions include:

Carboplus®: a Saur process for eliminating micropollutants after water leaves treatment plants, to reduce their presence in the natural environment or eliminate them after water leaves drinking water treatment plants to eradicate any long-term health risk. Its applications are municipal and industrial.

Calcycle®: another Saur process, this reduces the calcium hardness of water. It has the double advantage of being environmentally friendly – particularly since it does not result in any discharges into the sewerage network – and compact – as it takes up very little space on the ground.

Industrial waters: Saur offers a full range of industrial technologies and processes, which aim to optimise and secure its customers’ industrial operations (“pure water” and process water, filtration, management of industrial wastewater, etc.)