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Saur Solidarités

Our business lines, which are both rooted in everyday life and drivers of innovation, are a fantastic means of developing Saur’s social commitment. Supporting and serving its customers and the community are part of the core identity of the Group, which pays particular attention to local development actions in French regions as well as in countries where water protection is a daily challenge. Since 2007, the Saur Solidarités endowment fund, and the Saur Foundation before it, have been at the front-line of this commitment.

In which areas does it operate?

The actions carried out by the Saur Solidarités endowment fund cover the full range of solidarity initiatives relating to access to water, sanitation, professional integration and support for those with a disability. Since 2007, the Group has supported 220 projects of this type, with thousands of beneficiaries in France and abroad.

How does it operate?

Saur Solidarités identifies practical community service initiatives which contribute to the quality of life and support economic and social growth in the regions. The endowment fund has chosen to support practical projects with long-term goals, rather than paying operating grants to associations. In addition to endowments granted to projects, Saur tends to develop skills sponsorship to provide associations with the benefit of the expertise and know-how of its employees, who are able to support them over time and become active ambassadors for our commitment.

How are projects submitted?

Submitted projects must strictly be sponsored by a Group employee. The sponsor’s role will be to examine the application, give an opinion on the technical and financial aspects, ensure the proper use of the endowment, promote the action among other employees and generally act as a permanent point of contact with the beneficiary association. The project must be eligible and be presented to an assessment committee which will judge its merit and relevance.