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The Saur Group: committed to stand for water

Aware of the threats to the environment, and convinced of the need to move towards resilient models of development, Saur intends to put its skills and values to use in fighting to defend water.

Protecting water means ensuring that it is safe, high quality, and available in sufficient quantities for everyone, everywhere, in the short and long term. For this reason, Saur’s goal is to consolidate and strengthen its position as a pure player in the water industry, setting an example for its industry at a time of ecological crisis.

Backed by the skills that have made us proficient across the entire domestic water cycle, while still being able to provide solutions tailored to the needs of every local region, Saur has now set out to acquire a more detailed, shared understanding of the pressures on water resources, to ensure that they remain accessible in sufficient quantity everywhere.

This ambition is a logical extension for a Group which has always been rooted in the reality of the regions where it operates, and whose core business drives it to consistently
combine economic efficiency with a positive local impact, both in social and environmental terms.

This is the goal of the long-term strategy which Saur has been developing since 2018 with its shareholder EQT – aimed at consolidating its basic foundation – to build the cornerstones of this strategy. Because the protection of water, more than any other resource, relies on the creation of a long-term strategy.

The years 2019 and 2020 are pivotal in formalising and expressing this clear vision, which represents a clear commitment to Saur’s future. The strategic plan, combined with the desire to present itself as a “defender of water”, must be the first pillar of its strategic development.

Our strategic future is taking shape in four main lines of action.

Broadening the digital transformation of our business lines and services

Digital transformation is the basic condition required for improving water defence techniques, which is why Saur’s goal is to develop:

  • Streamlined operations: Saur has already made changes, including the wastewater treatment plant of the future, smart objects and data analysis techniques, which enable more targeted intervention work, as well as the use of algorithms.
  • The enhancing of its customer offering (assets analysis, benchmarks, etc.). 

  • A re-imagined approach to customer relations management, in order to gradually turn our customers into conscientious consumers and eco-citizens active in their local region.
  • Open innovation partnership strategies with incubators, smart city projects, and calls for projects within experimental regions.

Creating tailored responses to customer and consumer expectations

In response to the evolving expectations of stakeholders, Saur is building new solutions in the following areas:

  • Technical performance of the service (network efficiency, water quality, wastewater treatment efficiency, etc.).
  • Support for a sustainable ecological and energy transition (sustainable management of water resources, treatment of emerging pollution, sludge methanisation, etc.).

  • Data transparency in relation to smart solutions and the challenge of preserving assets entrusted by local authorities.

With these in mind, the Group has entered into new forms of partnerships with local authorities, adopting an attitude of transparency with regard to the data returned to them by Saur. Saur also provides tailor-made options in its operational steering centre, depending on customer demands. The second issue is to consider the end user’s needs by offering, in addition to water quality, additional services including (among others) digital interfaces.

Investing in cutting-edge technologies to serve the industrial market

A long-standing partner of the agrifood sector, the Saur Group is now enhancing the technological value it brings to the industrial market by creating a Europe-wide innovation platform dedicated to industrial water.

This enables the Group to support its future growth through industry-leading technological resources, in sectors with particularly strict requirements in terms of performance and safety (petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.). Saur can also draw upon a denser international sales networks thanks to the strong footholds enjoyed by its recent acquisitions in the Middle East, Asia, the United States and Northern Europe (Germany, Netherlands).

Accelerating our growth by internationalising our activities

The Group is continuing its international development by implementing the most distinctive modules of its strategy at local level and dividing up its offering in order to meet the requirements expressed by prospects in a diverse ecosystem to which it must adapt.

Internationally, Saur is present in countries facing very diverse realities, ranging from technological markets requiring innovation to more emerging markets where expectations are focused on building or consolidating access to water and sanitation for the population. The Group can capitalise on strong growth potential in Spain, in Portugal and potentially in Latin America.