Saur is engaging in a "0 paper" initiative and gives you the means and tools to facilitate your interaction with the Group and to anticipate the new rule on electronic invoicing.

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New regulation

E-invoicing should be gradually imposed on all companies with effect from july 2024 (according to VAT regulations: article 56 of the Finance Bill 2020).

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Coupa and Cegedim : our tools

We have modernized, standardized and dematerialized our management processes and tools from the purchase request to the payment of invoices with Coupa and Cegedim.

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Coupa : Purchasing management and order transmission application

You can have access to the Coupa Supplier Portal to :

- Consult the orders in process

- Follow the processing of invoices until payment

Registration is FREE, to obtain access, send a request to, you will receive an invitation by email.

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Cegedim: Supplier invoice dematerialization application

We are able to handle your invoices through different transmission methods:

- Sending a file in EDI format (for significant invoice volumes)

- Sending by email in native PDF format (electronic document that is converted directly into PDF, no scanning of paper invoices) to the Cegedim email address indicated on your order form

- Otherwise, we still accept invoices sent by mail to the unique billing address indicated on your purchase

If you have any questions about receiving your Coupa orders or sending your invoices to Cegedim, please contact:

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Other 100% digital solutions

Thanks to this double collaboration, we are able to set up an all-in-one solution from order submission (Punchout: access to your online catalog) to invoice processing (EDI invoices).

Read our Purchasing Requirements (page 7)
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Sustainable procurement policy

Purchasing plays a significant role in our overall Performance vision and aligns fully with the Sustainable Development roadmap of the Group.

Therefore, Saur is committed to a responsible purchasing approach, through a dedicated Policy comprising 6 key commitments and associated objectives.

The Group seeks to collaborate with suppliers and service providers who are sustainably committed to the development and establishment of a responsible supply chain. High-quality, sustainable, and trustworthy relationships with our stakeholders, especially our Suppliers, are crucial to the long-term success of the Saur Group.

Sustainable procurement policy
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Saur Suppliers charter

In addition to the Policy, Saur has formalized a Supplier and Subcontractor Relationship Charter. This document outlines Saur's vision of business relationships, presents the commitments expected by the Group in terms of Sustainable Development, as well as its own commitments as a contracting party.

Saur Suppliers charter