décembre 05, 2015

10 years in Armenia : Saur attends an official reception with the Armenian Government 10 years in Armenia On this occasion, Saur attends an official reception with the Armenian government

On Wednesday 19 November, Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan welcomed a delegation from the Saur Group, represented by its Executive Chairman Jérôme Le Conte. The Prime Minister paid tribute to the excellent spirit of cooperation between the Armenian authorities and the Saur Group, which has grown stronger and closer over the years. Hovik Abrahamyan stressed the need to continue this cooperation in the context of water supply.

Highlighting the fact that Armenia is one of the Saur Group’s most important international partners, Jérôme Le Conte said that the company plans to make a number of new technologies available to the country. Both parties also discussed the issues surrounding new programmes, the current status of water supply and the problems involved.

Saur in Armenia

On 19 August 2004, the Saur Group took over operational management responsibility of AWC (the Armenian Water & Sewerage Company) under the terms of a Management Contract covering water production and supply for almost the entire country, with the exception of its capital Yerevan.

The excellent results obtained by Saur experts have ensured that this contract (initially signed for a four-year period) has been renewed several times by the World Bank and the Armenian government. Over the last 10 years, Saur expertise has become accepted by international finance providers as the gold standard benchmark for assistance and skills transfer.

This is the background against which a second Management Contract was signed at the beginning of this year, under the terms of which the German development bank KfW and the government of Armenia extended the scope of services provided by the Group to include a further 330,000 Armenian consumers.