Mission Water reflects our commitment and the sustainable business model we are building together.

Behind Mission Water, 12,000 people are working every day in nearly 20 countries to build a different, committed and meaningful Group that interacts constantly with its ecosystem as part of contributing to create a safer world for future generations.

Together, we are Saur. Mission Water

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#missionwater: a corporate mission that guides everything we do every day

For more than 80 years, the Saur Group has been at work protecting and conserving water resources in all its operating regions.

As a basic, essential resource for all forms of life, water is central to our very existence. In today’s world, this precious resource is subject to many threats that not only jeopardize our own future, but also the survival of all ecosystems and natural environments.

At a time when the challenges of the ecological transition are central to the problems faced by society worldwide, Saur is reasserting its commitments to taking action, advocating and rallying all stakeholders to ensure a safer world for future generations.

Mission Water is the fusion of all 3 of these commitments.

As a global force in the water industry, we take action on a daily basis to ensure that people have the water they need in terms of quantity and quality.

To ensure that this happens, we advocate that everyone (municipalities, industries, citizens, farmers, NGOs and civil society as a whole) gives water the value it deserves.

At Saur, we are innovators, catalysts and unifiers. We use all our knowledge, expertise and skills to rally as many people as possible around the stakes of water.

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Over and above our traditional core business, we are committed to act and convince others around the world so that together we can invest to save water and invent new models to preserve the most precious resource on our planet.

Our common cause is the future of water.

Saur. Mission Water.