Alba Vidal, CSR Manager Saur International

Promoting equal opportunities between men and women

Alba Vidal 4

- Describe your daily work and missions?

As Head of CSR for Saur International, my job is to coordinate and manage the different actions in terms of sustainable development in all Saur Group subsidiaries. That is to say, to implement the actions of the sustainability roadmap established by the Group, to adapt it to the singularities of each of these countries, as well as to reach, among others, objectives in decarbonization, water saving or gender equality.

Establishing a strategy to integrate ESG aspects, collaborating with all functions and departments, networking, defining KPIs are some of my daily tasks to achieve a balance between economic, social and environmental benefits.

- What are the values that drive you on a daily basis in your profession?

We are fortunate to work in a company for which sustainability is a core value and where leaders manage from purpose, that is, they take the sustainable transformation of the business seriously. CSR is a tool that underpins our Group's strategy, demonstrating its commitment to respecting the limits of our planet and having an impact on society. Not just with words, but with commitments.

I share my values with those of a company that knows that water is a vital element. Therefore, I am proud to be part of a company that promotes water sustainability as a crucial tool to mitigate environmental impact through responsible water management and guarantee a resource for future generations.

- What message would you like to send on the occasion of International Women's Day, especially to young women?

At Saur Group, women find an inclusive environment that values diversity, and where they can bring new perspectives, talent and creativity. This Day is a reminder that women play a decisive role and that we must strengthen their participation.

One of Saur Group's biggest challenges is to leverage all available talent. Here, they have the opportunity to lead meaningful initiatives to address global challenges such as climate change and water scarcity. Their contribution is critical to shaping a sustainable and equitable future, and we offer them a space where their talent and commitment will make a difference.

- Asserting your place as a woman at sea (for America's Cup members) or in Saur, what inspires you?

Despite progress, there is still work to be done to achieve gender equality in these vital fields. That is why the Saur Group, among other actions, has committed to achieving a high percentage of women in senior management positions and has created a female mentoring program. All this to demonstrate its commitment by example.

We must continue to support and encourage female talent to build a more inclusive and sustainable future for all, which can inspire our children to work at Saur Group.

- What are the main issues for greater parity between men and women in your workplace?

To achieve greater gender equity, it is essential to close the pay gap and promote equal opportunities, in addition to fostering an inclusive culture and anti-discrimination policies at work, where transparency and awareness are angular.

- What motivates you to work for water preservation?

We are fortunate to work in the water cycle sector, it is very motivating to work in such an important sector and to be able to be part of making a difference.

My motivation to work in water preservation lies in the understanding of its critical impact on the environment and society, combined with the ethical responsibility to promote sustainable practices that ensure a vital resource for future generations.

Water management is also invaluable as a tool for creating a culture of sustainability. Water efficiency is becoming an increasingly important part of sustainable business growth strategies, companies are becoming aware that they must include water footprint in their strategies and are increasingly recognizing that traditional approaches to water management are no longer sufficient.