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Mission Water Stories: the journey continues

Mission Water is about understanding what communities, industries and ecosystems around the world really need when it comes to water. It is about taking responsibility for those needs, and applying all the knowledge and resources we can muster. It is about swinging into action together. In Mission Water Stories, we report on the ongoing efforts and change resulting from this.

Pauline Courtois2
Pauline Courtois, Skipper of the OERT at America's cup
You just have to give yourself a chance and dare.
DSC 0887 1
Hélène Darras, Head of technical department Nijhuis Saur Industries France
Leave knots for ropes rather than for your brain and dare!
00719 240216 Alexander Champy Mc Lean OERT3
Aloïse Retornaz, Trimmer and Engineer on the women's America's cup french team
Live fully, dream big!
Catarina Sousa Aquapor
Catarina Sousa, Chief Operating Officer at Aquapor Services (Portugal)
Be confident in what you can do and in your capacity to achieve goals and go for it…. There are no difficulties, just challenges…
Céline LEBERRE Officiel2
Céline LE BERRE, Mecatronic Engineer on the women's America's cup french team
My message for the women would be ”Don’t hide, keep standing and claiming you are in the place.”
Mélanie TEYSSIER Stereau1
Mélanie ALLEGRE-TEYSSIER, Engineering Studies Manager at Stereau
Everything is possible. There is no limits. It just depends on you.
09975 240216 Alexander Champy Mc Lean OERT
Manon Audinet, Skipper on the women's America's cup french team
Embrace your uniqueness, follow your passions, and never doubt your abilities.
DSC 9366 1
Capucine Corre, Works Manager at Saur France Brittany
Women are part of the team. They are legitimate candidates for positions of responsibility and decision-making.
Emilie LLORENS 01028 240219 Alexander Champy Mc Lean OERT
Emilie Llorens, Assistant in charge of operations and logistics and CSR at OERT
Working together towards the same goal
Alba Vidal 4
Alba Vidal, CSR Manager Saur International
Promoting equal opportunities between men and women
Saur mission nature 16
Rogerio Koehn - General Manager Spain
In Las Palmas, several water challenges converge
Header vision mission purpose
Matthieu Comble - Commercial Manager
Helping today’s kids become tomorrow’s water champions