November 25, 2019

Saur acquires 51% of British Startup Riventa

Saur announces its acquisition of a 51% stake in British startup Riventa Ltd., which offers innovative solutions for real-time monitoring of pump performance in drinking water production plants; solutions that deliver significant energy savings.

Established in 2001, Riventa offers innovative sensors and algorithms that accurately diagnose pump efficiency and improve pumping system operation, maintenance and energy consumption.

The company serves a broad spectrum of UK customers, including 14 of the 30 public water supply companies, such as Thames Water, United Utilities and Severn Trent Water. Internationally, Riventa serves leading water industry stakeholders and industrial customers in the United States, Korea and Brazil, and has an operational presence in Australia and India.

Riventa technologies can reduce the volume of energy consumed annually by drinking water production plant pumps by between 5% and 20%. The company offers accurate pump efficiency measurement and a comprehensive range of optimisation algorithms. Riventa has already enabled Saur in the Paris Region to achieve annual energy savings in excess of 20%. Additional tests have further confirmed the value of this technology, whose rollout to 64 operating facilities is scheduled to begin next year. Energy represents the most expensive single cost item in drinking water production plant operation.

This new acquisition is fully consistent with the Saur environmental and innovation policy, which focuses on the development of intelligent water industry technologies to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow (resource management, water quality monitoring, consumption control, network performance, shrinkage of our environmental footprint, etc.).

Saur Executive Chairman Louis-Roch Burgard: “The Saur ambition is to offer a distinctive range of innovative services that deliver added value to the company’s local authority and industrial customers in France and all the international markets targeted by the Group for its future expansion. Through the energy savings we will make as a result, this acquisition will help to make us even more competitive, at the same time as strengthening the range of services we offer to address the challenges posed by the energy transition”.

Riventa founders Steve Barrett and Tom Clifford: “The combination of Saur vision and Riventa expertise promises a great deal in terms of successfully meeting the energy challenges faced by drinking water and wastewater systems. We look forward eagerly to working together on delivering immediately operational solutions to a diverse international customer base.

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