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9 November 2017

Saur launches its new Initiative 2022 strategic ambition Target

    With Initiative 2022, Saur is reasserting its commitment to expansion by setting a target to boost its annual revenue by €700 million between now and 2022. Now refocused on the Group's water core businesses, this new corporate plan is supported by new investment capacity and a differentiation strategy built around innovation, local presence and digital [...]

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19 October 2017

Saur acquires startup company ImaGeau and extends its reach into water resource management services

 Saur has acquired ImaGeau, the company spun off by the CNRS Géosciences research centre in Montpellier, which specialises in active management of underground water resources. This purchase follows on from an initial national partnership formed in 2016 between Saur and ImaGeau to offer targeted local authorities the opportunity of continual resource monitoring. Imageau was created in [...]

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17 July 2017

Jean-Damien Pô is appointed as director of human resources, strategy and forward planning at Saur

 Executive Chairman Louis-Roch Burgard has appointed Jean-Damien Pô as the new Saur Director of Human Resources, Strategy and Forward Planning. He will also be a member of the executive committee. Jean-Damien Pô is 43, a former student of the Ecole Normale, a graduate of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris and a PhD. He has [...]

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12 May 2017

Christophe Piednoël is appointed as Director of Communication, Institutional Relations and Marketing at Saur Group

 Louis-Roch Burgard has appointed Christophe Piednoël as the new Director of Communication, Institutional Relations and Marketing of the Saur Group, and a member of its executive committee. Christophe Piednoël (52) holds a Masters degree in communication and environment from the University of Paris VII, and graduated from the Insead-Cedep Management Program in 1998; he has 25 [...]

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30 November 2016

Smart Solutions by Saur take on the great challenges of the water industry

As a major provider of delegated environmental services, Saur will be well represented at the Pollutec exhibition at Lyon Expo between 29 November and 2 December. At this year's event, Saur will be showcasing its range of smart solutions designed to help local authorities and industrial companies manage their water services more effectively. [...]

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19 September 2016

Saudi Arabia : Saur supervises the water supply and wastewater treatment for the 2016 Hajj pilgrimage

Hajj 2016  Once again, Saur has successfully risen to the challenge of supplying freshwater and wastewater treatment services to the huge influx of pilgrims visiting Mecca for the annual Hajj pilgrimage (this year marks the 1437th).  For the sixth year in succession, the teams of Saur have delivered a faultless service and contributed significantly to the success [...]

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12 September 2016

Hime/Saur Group Supervisory board appoints Louis-Roch Burgard as executive chairman, effective from January 1st 2017

 Louis-Roch Burgard will succeed Jérôme Le Conte, who is stepping down as Executive Chairman of the Group. Louis-Roch Burgard will be joining the Group as Managing Director in the coming weeks, prior to assuming the position as Executive Chairman on January 1st 2017. His task is to pursue implementation of Saur's refinancing plan and give [...]

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1 September 2016

Tour de France à la Voile 2016: Team Coved finishes 4th and achieves its own goal

Led by Aurélien Ducroz, Team Coved has taken 4th in the Tour de France à la Voile 2016 round France yacht race. The judges voted unanimously to award the team its "super-combative crew" prize after its victory in the final act in Nice. [...]

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25 July 2016

Coved becomes the first environmental services company to calculate its own Local Footprint® for all of France

Empreinte socio-économique de Coved Consultancy Utopies has used its Local Footprint® model to study the socio-economic footprint of Coved throughout France. This national footprint provides an insight into the overall impacts imposed by Coved's business activities, and is supplemented by thirteen regional footprints highlighting the specific impacts on the regions of France. This is the first time that such a [...]

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25 July 2016

This summer’s Saur Fête de l’Eau tour hits the beach

  Edutainment workshops to raise awareness of environmental protection issues Between now and 1 August, Saur, the preferred partner of local authorities, is hosting the Fête de l’Eau learning village event in a series of coastal resorts to raise public awareness of the need to protect our environment and the aquatic habitats of lakes, rivers and the [...]

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