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90 years of operational excellence, innovation and commitment close to the territories to give back the value water deserves for the benefit of current and future generations.

90 year anniversary
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For the future of our planet, let's embrace the value of water

Explore trends, face challenges and meet people in the dynamic world of water through the Mission Water, News and Water Champion stories below.

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Communities, you can count on our proximity

As a municipality responsible for providing your citizens with clean drinking water, you want a partner who is always near. A provider who anticipates and acts on your needs and wishes concerning water and wastewater treatment, with futureproof resources and facilities. This proximity is part of our DNA.

Industries, we’re agile, seasoned innovators

Resources, consumption, reuse and wastewater treatment are just a few of the hot issues industries today are facing in the water domain. With Saur, you tap into an agile, fast-moving organization, combining today’s most impactful innovations with almost 120 years of proven service awareness.

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Consumers, let’s get smart and creative

At Saur, we know that as a consumer you care about water. We all do: our planet depends upon it. That’s why we offer you maximum support in managing your water use, from smooth, reliable services to smart meters designed to help all of us improve our water footprint.

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Water actors, let’s join hands in solidarity

One of the greatest challenges in dealing with water is a lack of trust between the many different players involved in water management. Let’s change that! Whichever interests you represent - socio-political, environmental, industrial or agricultural - we invite you to connect with us. Let’s start co-constructing a better future.

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