Drinking water

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Patented, context-specific drinking water treatment

At Saur, we have developed and patented many treatment processes. Our proximity to your location and consumers enable us to adapt these to the specific water resource characteristics in your area. And we are constantly working on new innovations to make the processes of extraction, storage and distribution more efficient and more sustainable. For example, we can:

  • Adapt our processes to variations in raw water quality

  • Optimize your plant energy and reagent consumption

  • Protect your water resources and catchment perimeters

  • Offer additional treatments, covering, for example, water hardness, drug residues, or pesticides

  • Prepare a crisis management plan to help you deal with events such as water resource pollution or supply disruptions

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Hundreds of water analyses every day

Every day, our experts in different countries analyse many thousands of different physicochemical and biological parameters to provide guaranteed safeguards for consumer health. We also test bathing water quality and check the compliance of treated water returned to the natural environment.

In most countries, drinking water supplies must comply with over 50 different bacteriological and physicochemical parameters. We monitor all of these regularly by conducting analyses under the supervision of national health authorities, as well as through our own rigorous self-testing program.

Our legal provisions and regulations cover everything that matters in your water supply chain, from the quality of resources used in the production of your drinking water to water treatment, storage, supply and quality testing of the water already supplied.