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Corporate social responsibility

As a provider of essential water supply and wastewater services, the Saur Group is an active contributor to environmental protection, and is historically rooted in the regions it serves. The Group has always seen its mission as ensuring that small communities receive exactly the same quality of service as major cities, underpinned by a commitment integral to its DNA: to be the defender of water.

The Group strives to conduct its business responsibly, innovatively and with agility in order to respond effectively to environmental and societal challenges, and create value with, and for, its stakeholders: local authority and industrial customers, consumers and users, employees, investors, suppliers and subcontractors, research and open innovation partners and, more generally, all stakeholders in the wider society.

An ambition interpreted through three priorities

Protecting and safeguarding water quality and quantity

Water is the ultimate vital resource, but is currently under threat from many different types of pressure, both man-made and climatic. By combining its own expertise with the complementary expertise of others within its ecosystem, Saur works with real commitment to defend water, protecting its quality, preventing conflicts over its use and ensuring that it is accessible to everyone. 

Active management of underground water resources, developing alternative solutions for water-stressed areas, treating emerging forms of pollution, introducing cutting-edge technologies for industrial water management and optimising the hydraulic performance of water supply networks are all disciplines and areas of expertise developed by the Group to protect the water cycle and meet the growing health and environmental challenges of its local authority and industrial customers.



Saur is accelerating the pace of its digital transformation and leveraging the opportunities offered by digital technologies and data analysis to drive innovation forward for a more resilient, predictive and secure model of water management.

Because water is essential to life, Saur is committed to all its operating regions to maintain continuity of service – or restore it as quickly as possible – regardless of circumstances, and does whatever it takes to provide access to water supply and wastewater treatment services for those that do not already have them by developing infrastructures as part of its international development policy or via its Saur Solidarités endowment fund.

Saur is involving the full range of stakeholders in working towards a more responsible approach to water usage through a range of awareness-raising initiatives targeting the general public and business.

Supporting communities through their own transitions

In France and internationally, urban and rural communities are engaged in a process of transformational change that spans a broad range of issues around ecology, society and social unity. As a business with a long heritage that remains fully focused on the future, we are committed to making a positive contribution to the development, competitiveness and appeal of the communities we operate in by creating local value environmentally and societally.

The Group is convinced of the power collective innovation can have, and leads by example through innovation and proactive initiative by working closely with its customers and partners to build distinctive long-term solutions to deliver the ecological and low carbon transition at regional and community level.

Saur is implementing innovative technologies to improve the energy efficiency of water supply and wastewater services, generate renewable energy, and promote the principles of the circular economy as part of optimising local resource usage and management.

Aware of the changing expectations of consumers and its local authority and industrial customers, it continues to invest in digital technology to enhance the relationship it has with customers and offer increasingly personalised services.

At local level, Saur always works closely with socio-economic actors – local companies, employment and training providers, non-profit organisations, welfare bodies and social/employment integration agencies – to support local economies, encourage the employment of young people and jobseekers, and provide personal support to the most vulnerable consumers.

Encouraging our people to express their personal commitment

The greatest assets of the Group are the men and women who work with real commitment to pool their skills, expertise and creativity on a daily basis to serve local communities and successfully deliver our corporate plan. As its core businesses and organisational structures engage in a process of transformational change, Saur supports career paths by guaranteeing occupational safety and respecting the need for diversity by ensuring that everyone has a stimulating work environment that encourages their spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Group designs tailormade face-to-face and e-learning training courses to develop the technical, digital and managerial skills of its people, respond to changes in the world of work and become increasingly agile. It also relies on in-house employee networking to promote the skills transfer and attract new talent.

In a world where the way we work is being reviewed and reconsidered, Saur offers its employees on-site and remote working environments that boost cohesion and encourage initiative and creativity within the Group. A broad base of profiles is something that adds richness to expertise, mindsets and collaborative working, so Saur recruits people who can bring the Group new skills, and is fully committed to equal opportunities and disabilities in the workplace.

Protecting the health and safety of employees is central to management strategy and a non-negotiable priority for the Group, which strives to develop a strong risk prevention culture in all its operating locations and across the full range of its services.

A recognised CSR performance

Our progress is noted every year by Ecovadis, a credit rating agency specialized in assessing the CSR performance of companies.
In 2019, Saur achieved the Gold level, placing the company in the top 5% of companies evaluated by Ecovadis.

A transparent communication

The Group publishes an annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report of its achievements and overall performance. Since 2018, CSR has become an integrated Annual Report.

Saur supports the Global Compact and the sustainable development goals

Logo Global Compact

Introduced in 2000 by the United Nations, the Global Compact is the largest international voluntary corporate social responsibility initiative. When the Group became a member of the Global Compact in 2003, it gave its commitment to promote and ensure compliance with the 10 principles covering human rights, labour standards, the environment and the need to combat corruption. The Group renews its commitment annually, and publishes information about the action it has taken to implement and promote the fundamental values of the Global Compact.

In its role as a defender of water, the Saur Group is a natural contributor to achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the United Nations for 2030. Saur has been analysing its contribution to the 169 targets set by the 17 SDGs since 2017. The business activities, policies and actions of the Group contribute to a greater or lesser extent to all the SDGs, and have a direct impact on 30% of the 169 targets.

Although the impact of Saur is – logically – focused predominantly on SDG 6 ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’, its actions are also prioritised around five other SDGs related to its social responsibility and local innovation challenges.