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Our CSR policy

In 2020, the Saur Group reviewed and updated its CSR roadmap to provide maximum support for its corporate positioning of standing for water.
Detailed discussion with all our stakeholders – local authorities, the public, farmers, industrial companies, experts, non-profits, NGOs and startups, as well as the Group’s 40 top executives – identified nine commitments across three strategic priorities.
Each of these commitments has its own ambitious targets for 2025.

An ambition interpreted through three priorities and nine commitments

Protecting and safeguarding water quality and quantity

The Group commitments to providing guaranteed access to safe, high-quality water, to act ahead of new legislation and to promote responsible water use are clearly natural priorities for its CSR roadmap. That commitment is delivered by working in close collaboration with stakeholders to develop sustainable solutions for every stage of the water cycle. 

Commitment 1:
Anticipating and complying with all laws and regulations on water and aquatic environments.
Anticipating and complying with all laws and regulations on water and aquatic environments.

Commitment 2:
Conserving water resources.
Saving water equivalent to the annual consumption of 100,000 people.

Commitment 3:
Promoting the responsible use of water.
100% of sensitive water management contracts guaranteed by a drought prevention plan.

Developing and supporting the regions

The Saur Group supports its partner regions in their transition in response to climate change. Its ultimate goal is to boost installation efficiency and to offer consumers everywhere the opportunity to use clean energy from local renewable sources.

Commitment 4:
Strengthening the relationship of trust and co-construction with our stakeholders.
100% of water management contract customers have access to Saur’s digital offering, including real-time sharing of operations data.

Commitment 5:
Taking action to deliver the ecological transition.
100% of electricity from renewable sources.

Commitment 6:
Contributing to local socio-economic ecosystems.
10% of the permanent workforce are work/study apprentices and other trainees.

Encouraging employee development

Saur’s strategic ambition to combine economic growth with international expansion and transformational change throughout the Group is rooted in the skills, expertise and collective commitment of its teams. Paying close attention to the personal and professional development, working conditions and working environment of all its people without prejudice or discrimination and regardless of location is therefore a key priority at Saur.  

Commitment 7:
Respecting business ethics and human rights.
100% of our supplier contracts include a business ethics clause.

Commitment 8:
Supporting the eco-responsible commitment of our people.
Our internal surveys result in engagement scores at least as high as those in the Top 25% of comparable companies.

Commitment 9:
Promoting inclusion and diversity.
At least 40% of our managers are women (parity).

Saur supports the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals

Logo Global Compact

Introduced in 2000 by the United Nations, the Global Compact is the largest international voluntary corporate social responsibility initiative. When the Group became a member of the Global Compact in 2003, it gave its commitment to promote and ensure compliance with the 10 principles covering human rights, labour standards, the environment and the need to combat corruption. The Group renews its commitment annually, and publishes information about the action it has taken to implement and promote the fundamental values of the Global Compact.

With the same level of commitment, and as the defender of water, the Saur Group is a natural contributor to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations for 2030.

The business activities, policies and actions of the Group contribute directly and indirectly to all SDGs, and have a direct impact on 30% of the 169 targets associated with the 17 SDGs.

Although the impact of Saur is – logically – focused predominantly on SDG 6 ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’, its actions are also prioritized around five other SDGs related to its social responsibility and local innovation challenges.