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18 June 2020

Saur acquires Nijhuis Industries to form a leading player in industrial water

Saur announces the acquisition of Nijhuis Industries, a leading Dutch group specialised in advanced industrial water and wastewater treatment solutions with a worldwide footprint. Nijhuis Industries will bring Saur’s Industrial Water activities to a step-change level with total annual revenues of about €200m, technological edge and global presence. This acquisition is a major step into the [...]

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16 June 2020

Startup company imaGeau launches its free-to-use drought monitoring website

Using the open data model, continuously gathers and interprets rainfall, hydrological and hydrogeological data to provide real-time monitoring of the trend in water resources at local level. In response to repeated episodes of drought and water stress, startup company imaGeau has launched a free-to-use public service website that provides continuous access to qualified and spatialised [...]

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16 June 2020

Saur installs its 400,000th smart water meter in Châteauroux

Saur has installed its 400,000th smart meter in the urban community of Châteauroux, establishing the Group as a major force in this technology. Installing these meters allows the Group to provide the local authority and consumers with additional services, including excessive consumption alerts. “In most cases, customer consumption of water services is measured by manually read [...]

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23 April 2020

Saur acquires two hi-tech industrial water companies.

In line with its Initiative 2023 strategic project aiming to grow strongly its industrial customers base, Saur announces the acquisition of Unidro and Econvert, thereby building-up a shared European centre of technological excellence for industrial water treatment. Unidro is a global specialist in supply of technological solutions for industrial process water treatment, wastewater treatment and re-use [...]

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9 April 2020

Xavier Savigny is appointed Group Senior Executive Vice President Human Resources, Organisation and Transformation

Saur announces the appointment of Xavier Savigny as its Group Senior Executive Vice President Human Resources, Organisation and Transformation on 8 April. A graduate of the University of Compiègne and the École Supérieure des Sciences Économiques et Commerciales (ESSEC), Xavier Savigny began his career at Otis France in 1993, and subsequently occupied a series of increasingly responsible positions with the [...]

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19 March 2020

Covid 19 – Coronavirus : Saur teams committed to ensuring continuity of water services

Thanks to the commitment of the 7000 Saur employees in France, water is distributed to our seven million customers with the same sanitary qualities in every region. Continuity of service to the public is assured. Service refocused on its core responsibilities Saur is prepared for crisis situations and has anticipated implementation of all the measures necessary to ensure optimal operation [...]

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20 January 2020

Saur wins a 5-year extension of its partnership with Marafiq for the operation of the industrial cities of Jubail, Yanbu and Ras Al-Khair (Saudi Arabia)

In 2011, Saur and Marafiq (the leading Saudi private-sector water and electricity services provider) together formed MaSa to operate and maintain the water supply, wastewater treatment and industrial cooling services for Jubail, the world’s largest petrochemicals complex. Eight years later, the joint venture between the two operators has been extended for a further five years. [...]

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23 December 2019

Patrick Blethon will become Saur’s Executive Chairman as of January 7th, 2020

Saur announces today that Patrick Blethon will become Executive Chairman of the Group, as of January 7th, 2020. Following an intermediary assessment of the progress made so far in implementing “Initiative 2023”, the Supervisory Board has decided to further accelerate its execution. Upon this decision, the Supervisory Board has identified Patrick Blethon, who has joined [...]

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26 November 2019

Saur acquires 51% of British Startup Riventa

Logo Riventa Saur announces its acquisition of a 51% stake in British startup Riventa Ltd., which offers innovative solutions for real-time monitoring of pump performance in drinking water production plants; solutions that deliver significant energy savings. Established in 2001, Riventa offers innovative sensors and algorithms that accurately diagnose pump efficiency and improve pumping system operation, maintenance and energy consumption. The company serves [...]

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24 October 2019

Partnership : Saur joins the Wilco industry accelerator to intensify its strategy of water sector innovation

Saur, a major force in water services management, joins the elite club of companies and organisations partnering Wilco, the industry accelerator that helps Tech startups achieve €1 million in annual revenue. This new partnership will enable the Group to accelerate its innovation strategy by engaging in experiments alongside startups in the Wilco Industry accelerator programme. [...]

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