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We protect the water supply

For almost 90 years, Saur has provided essential water and sanitation services to the heart of regions.

The Group’s mission has consistently been to offer the same quality service to small municipalities and cities alike, backed by a commitment that is part of its core identity – to protect the water supply. To ensure that water is always available and safe, for our current needs and our projected needs for the years to come.  

Providing drinking water:
a vital service

Water is an essential requirement for life, a “living matter” often transported over long distances.

Taken from abstraction points or groundwater, it is made safe to drink in our treatment plants before being distributed through a network of pipes, continuously monitored using sensors. It requires constant monitoring to be delivered to homes, 24 hours a day, in sufficient quantity and of consistent quality, in compliance with the 54 bacteriological and physical and chemical regulatory parameters. When water reaches the home of the end-consumer, it is thanks to work carried out in the background by thousands of professionals.

Treating wastewater: a vital environmental issue

Wastewater returned to the natural environment must be of at least the same quality as the water initially withdrawn. The treatment we carry out contributes to preserving aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity. Wastewater is collected and transported to treatment plants, to purify it before feeding it back into the rivers and reservoirs or reusing it for regulated purposes.

Placed upstream of the plant, connected objects ensure the proper functioning of the facilities and the quality of the discharges in real time. 

Building water-management infrastructure: a regional development mission

Installing or renovating drinking water, rainwater and wastewater networks, connecting them to treatment facilities, building drinking plants for water production, wastewater treatment and industrial water…

Our customers benefit from the experience of Stereau and Cise TP, our engineering and works subsidiaries, to build facilities combining improved service, processing performance and respect for stakeholders. Water-cycle management requires infrastructure adapted to the specific hydraulic and geographic characteristics of each region, as well as the initial quality of the resource. We have a duty to develop bespoke technical and financial solutions, which are both innovative and scalable.