An innovation from Saur Stereau

CarboPlus® frees water of undesirable chemicals

Human activities leave their mark in water. From pesticides to residues of household chemicals and pharmaceuticals, all kinds of micropollutants are detectable in today’s water resources. While concentrations may be low, they do pose a risk to human health and our environment. Saur Stereau has developed an innovative solution, using activated carbon to remove a very broad spectrum of micropollutants from water: CarboPlus®.

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CarboPlus® is the result of more than ten years of feedback from treatment plants using activated carbon in suspension. Jean Pérot, inventor of the CarboPlus® process, explains how the removal of undesirable molecules works: ‘With activated carbon in micro-granular form, we isolate carbon particles from the rest of the sludge. In that way, we can recover and regenerate the carbon content. All the micropollutants are kind of trapped in the activated carbon, and are then destroyed during regeneration by combustion at high temperatures. As a bonus, the regenerated carbon is then reused by the plant in a continuous recycling loop.’

Purifying our drinking water

Most of the micropollutants traced in water resources are pesticides. In France alone, pesticides have been identified at 91% of watercourse quality monitoring points and at 70% of groundwater monitoring points. With CarboPlus® at drinking water production locations, millions of cubic meters of water can be freed from these and other undesirable micropollutants - for example, at the Graon in the Vendée, France, where we treat 40,000 cubic meters of water per day and deliver excellent water quality.

CarboPlus®: easy, effective and energy-efficient

Whether you use CarboPlus® to ensure the health and safety of drinking water, to protect our environment, or to limit the environmental impact of an industrial plant, the reactor will consume little energy. There is no need for electromechanical equipment, since the water and carbon are separated by gravity. With the Predict-THM software tool driven by sensors and AI algorithms, processing rates are controlled with extreme accuracy. And depending on the quality of water and seasonal circumstances, the right dosage of new carbon is automatically injected. So, in an easy to use, energy-efficient and effective way, undesirable molecules - including plant protection products, drug residues and chlorinated solvents - are completely removed from the water with no risk of uncontrolled re-release.