Emilie Llorens, Assistant in charge of operations and logistics and CSR at OERT

Working together towards the same goal

Emilie LLORENS 01028 240219 Alexander Champy Mc Lean OERT

· Can you describe your job and your daily missions?

I work in the operations team on various projects and team logistics. I also support the team in its sustainability strategy and projects that aims to reduce our environmental impact and increase inclusivity within the sport of sailing.

· What are the values that drive you on a daily basis in your profession?

What drives me is collaborating with a team, working together towards the same goal.

· What message do you want to send on the occasion of International Women's Day? And especially for young women?
That we are striving to increase diversity and inclusivity within the industry to develop a level playing field on which gender does not define your opportunities.

· Affirming your place as a woman at sea or in a company, what does that inspire you?

I have worked hard and continue to push myself in all my roles, sailing industry is quite a niche so it required a lot of efforts for both men and women to get into it, I have always been inspired by people having objectives set and working hard to reach them.

· The main issues for greater parity between men and women in your workplace?

We have a lot of technical role within our industry and if we want to have more woman in those role we need more representation of woman in those roles and in technical schools to start with.

· Where did your passion for the sea come from?

I come from a family of ocean lovers, my parents use to scuba dive and to take me on the boat with them as early as I can remember, they also like to sail so I fall into it at a super young age.