Aloïse Retornaz, Trimmer and Engineer on the women's America's cup french team

Live fully, dream big!

00719 240216 Alexander Champy Mc Lean OERT3
  • Can you describe your job and your daily missions?

My jobs are sailor and engineer.

As a sailor, I'm a trimmer on the AC40. My mission will be to set the sails, finding a balance between the two trimmers actions and steering. The trimmer is responsible to find the optimal adjustment to make the boat move as fast as possible.

As an engineer, I focus on analyzing processes with a continuous improvement approach. I have been working for 8 years now, and I also enjoy being able to apply my professional experience to benefit my sport.

  • What are the values that drive you on a daily basis in your profession?

Self-transcendence, learning and performance

  • What message do you want to send on the occasion of International Women's Day? And especially for young women?

That women can be whatever they want, whoever they want to be. We have to pursue our dreams with determination. Push our limits, dare to dream, and remember that every success, big or small, contributes to the collective advancement of women. Together, we are creating a future where gender equality is a reality. Live fully, dream big!

  • Affirming your place as a woman at sea or in a company, what does that inspire you?

It means breaking gender norms, showcasing competence, and contributing to a more inclusive environment. Being a trailblazer encourages other women to pursue their goals, fostering progress towards gender equality in traditionally male-dominated fields.

  • The main issues for greater parity between men and women in your workplace?

The primary obstacles to achieving gender parity in sailing encompass a lack of women's representation in elite events, disparities in opportunities for women athletes to join professional teams, inadequate media coverage, societal stereotypes, and the imperative for inclusive policies and focused training initiatives to overcome skill disparities. Effectively tackling these challenges is essential to cultivate a sailing community that is both balanced and inclusive.

  • Where did your passion for the sea come from?

My passion for the sea come from Brittany, my childhood, and the influence of my father who shares the same passion. Growing up surrounded by the coastal beauty, instilled in me a deep connection to the sea. For me, the sea has always represented a sense of freedom and liberty, a feeling that has stayed with me throughout my life.