Capucine Corre, Works Manager at Saur France Brittany

Women are part of the team. They are legitimate candidates for positions of responsibility and decision-making.

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- Can you describe your job and your daily tasks?

Currently Works Manager, my mission is to support my assistants and managers in their tasks, to lead the works activity, to monitor the performance of the department, to satisfy and listen to our customers and to work in coordination with the support departments to ensure the smooth running of the department (Security, Management, Accounting, HR, Expert, Sales, Logistics....).

- What values motivate you in your day-to-day work?

What values motivate me? I enjoy working and collaborating with my teams, who are committed to their missions, and working in a constructive, warm atmosphere where everyone can find their place and fulfillment. Working as a team. As the saying goes, Alone we go faster, Together we go further. For me, it's important to bring teams together and get them on board, recognize them, share moments with them and say thank you.

- What message would you like to get across on International Women's Day? And for young women in particular?

They all have their place in the construction industry, whether in technical or managerial positions. If they want to get involved in the construction industry, don't ask any questions, just go for it, pursue your dreams and projects. They've got the shoulders for it, and they'll bring their own wealth to the table. I've got women working on my construction teams in various positions, and they're blossoming and fulfilling their missions.

- What does it mean to you to be a woman at sea or in a company?

Women are part of the team. They have every right to take on positions of responsibility or participate in decision-making. In a crew, you need talent, solidarity, respect and decisiveness to steer the boat in the right direction, and also to adapt to the various hazards we come up against. They can assert themselves through their know-how and interpersonal skills to meet the challenges entrusted to them.

- What are the main challenges to achieving greater parity between men and women in your workplace?

It's often said that women should do what men do, and go for jobs that are formatted for men to ensure equality, but the opposite should also be true: men should do what women do, by encouraging them to go for feminized jobs and jobs that should also be promoted to attract them. This would bring richness, openness and diversity to our teams. It has to be a two-way street.

- What motivates you to work at Saur to preserve water resources?

It's working as part of a team, surrounded by passionate and inspiring men and women, each an expert in his or her own field, to achieve a common goal: the preservation of water resources. In these times of climate change, participating on our own scale is a source of motivation: "Optimizing water use, saving it, reducing losses and reusing it". It's a great challenge to manage water resources sustainably.