Patrick Blethon - Executive Chairman of Saur Group

Saur will be at the forefront of the water transition. Are you?

2022 will undoubtedly be remembered as the year that awareness of environmental issues in general, and water management in particular, went global. As droughts and their effects become even more intense in the Global South, they are now causing problems across large areas of the Global North.

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But this paradigm shift was already a reality for those working to manage water resources. Combined with disastrous climate events like droughts, floods and water stress, population growth and a production model that relies on excessive abstraction and has to cope with increasing levels of pollution from multiple sources can only raise serious questions about the long-term sustainability of current water management models.

It is this accumulation of pressure on our water resources that led us in early 2022 to reiterate our purpose to encourage all stakeholders, from local authorities to industry, individuals, farmers and non-profits, to fully appreciate the true importance of water.

Now is the time to work together on accelerating towards a global water transition on a massive scale.

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This water transition responds to the single central goal of making better use of water resources to ensure that everyone has access all the high-quality water they need. Only this solution will prevent the tensions that will undoubtedly intensify as a result of unequal distribution of a resource for which demand is rising as availability declines.

This enormous challenge requires us to be more effective than ever in persuading public and private users of water, whether companies, local authorities or individuals, to use water more appropriately, efficiently and resiliently. Saur Group is in a strong position to do just that.

The transformation we completed in 2022 has enabled us to consolidate our position and focus on our core expertise of optimizing the way we manage water at every stage in its cycle. We are now a fully digital, international group of companies with one of the most comprehensive and advanced technology portfolios in the world.

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Over recent months, we have expanded our range of solutions for facilitating the water transition of companies by acquiring six new businesses with specialist expertise in industrial water treatment. This single platform is enabling us to implement a genuinely circular economy in the drinking water production plants operated by our customers, at the same time as generating the energy they need to power their production processes.

We have designed, built and delivered innovative and efficient water production and treatment systems that not only produce high-quality water, but also generate renewable energy.

We have developed new digital solutions to improve our collection and usage of water-related data, and partnered with market-leading companies to offer our customers the best solutions in the market.

We have set up and opened our Aquaverse by Saur international innovation hub designed to invent new, more efficient and more resilient water management models in collaboration with our customers.

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We have earned the trust of the many local and urban authorities of all sizes across France and in the wider Europe that have awarded us contracts to support their water transition and manage their water services more effectively.

We’re now ready to accelerate towards our goal of becoming the champion of this water transition by 2030.

We understand that we cannot deliver this water transition alone. One of our challenges in the months ahead will be to bring every water stakeholder on board quickly so that we can make this journey together. That’s important, because only an ambitious and collective water transition will allow us to build the habitable, sustainable and desirable world we owe future generations.

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