Patrick Blethon, Executive Chairman of the Saur group

"We have to transform our industry"

With water management challenges growing in complexity and impact, Saur carries ‘a huge responsibility’, says our Executive Chairman, Patrick Blethon, in the foreword to our brand new Mission Water Magazine. "We have to transform our industry, so that we can rapidly transition toward circularity. If we falter, we will be unable to give water the protection and value it needs and deserves."

Mission Water Magazine 1 mars 2022

In the newly issued Mission Water Magazine, Patrick Blethon calls stakeholders to unite and take action on today’s many water management challenges and shares Saur’s vision of becoming “champion of the water transition by 2030”. He firmly emphasizes that Saur is ready for, and already undertaking this task. “Today, a new Saur faces the future with fresh confidence,” he says in the magazine’s foreword. “The target Saur has set itself for 2030 is clear: to become the champion of the water transition by 2030 and to support all those who want to build an eco-friendly water service, from local authorities to private citizens, industrial companies, farmers and others.”


The magazine highlights the new and “futureproof growth model” we have developed in the last two years, aiming at taking our firm not only to peak financial performance, but also to improve our social and environmental footprint. “Our Group now has stronger support, financial credibility, and an organizational structure that aligns more closely with our operational challenges. Our technological added value and digital expertise are highly valued by our stakeholders. And we operate on a corporate philosophy of uncompromising commitment,” says Patrick Blethon.

The sector’s ‘digital pioneer’

Mission Water Magazine, available in printed and digital form, features articles on our Sustainability Road Map, our company culture, and our three strategic divisions - Water Services, Water Engineering, and Industrial Water Solutions. It also highlights our claim to be the “digital pioneer” that leads the sector in harnessing the potential of data and Artificial Intelligence for preserving and revaluing water. “Digitalization is a key to the future of our company and our sector,” says Guillaume Dolbeau, Head of Saur Group’s Innovation and Digital Offer Department, in the magazine. “It is part of the wider transformation Saur is going through.”

A vision of the future

Throughout Mission Water Magazine’s articles, quotes, and case stories, a vision of the future emerges that we hope will inspire and unite stakeholders around the world in giving water the value it deserves - and ensuring its availability to all who need it, in the right quantities and quality. Or, as we express this in our purpose statement on page 10 of the new magazine:

‘Our company purpose is to advocate that everyone (municipalities, industries, citizens, farmers, NGOs, and civil society as a whole) gives water the value it deserves. Beyond our initial business – that of providing an adequate supply and responsible treatment of high-quality water – we are committed to act and to convince others so that together we can invest to save water, and invent new models to preserve the most precious resource on our planet’

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