The example of Cyprus

Supporting regions suffering from water stress

Building on its well-established presence in Nicosia, Saur is continuing to build its long-term operational base in Cyprus. In March 2022, the publicly owned Sewerage Board of Paphos awarded the Group and its partner Lacovonou the 8-year contract to operate the wastewater treatment plant that serves the urban community of Paphos. The ultimate aim of this arrangement is to meet demand for agricultural irrigation, at the same time as conserving groundwater reserves in a region that is regularly subject to water stress.

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Reusing wastewater

To achieve this goal, we are leveraging our expertise in treated wastewater reuse, which we see as an essential lever for conserving precious natural water resources. Using our membrane filtration technologies, the Paphos plant now treats and purifies 19,500 m3 of water every day to top up the Ezousa river aquifer. This effectively reduces the pressure on domestic water supplies in Cyprus, where demand for water already outstrips supply, a situation further exacerbated by the annual influx of 4 million tourists.

Methanization for a more ecologically virtuous facility.

Our technology also allows us to be more ecologically virtuous in terms of decarbonizing our activities. The Paphos wastewater treatment plant also features the latest solutions for methanization, the biological process that converts the organic material in wastewater into biogas, which is then used to generate electricity.

This process currently supplies 20% of the plant’s demand for electricity, and is therefore helping to shrink its environmental footprint.

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Adapting our response to protect and conserve water resources

Saur has been operating the Vathia-Gonia wastewater treatment plant designed and built by Stereau to treat the wastewater of 120,000 residents of Nicosia since 2007. Our excellent track record in operating this facility strategically important for the Cypriot capital was recognized and rewarded at the beginning of 2022 by the renewal of our contract for a further ten years. The Vathia-Gonia wastewater treatment plant is the largest Saur Group facility to use membrane technology to filter wastewater. It also features our innovative treatment technologies, including our Aqua-RM® process and ultraviolet disinfection system. The combination of these solutions allows us to tailor our response to meet the joint challenges of climate change and water resource scarcity.

Key dates in our support for the water transition in Cyprus

Saur subsidiary Stereau is awarded the 10-year contract to design, build and operate the Vathia-Gonia wastewater treatment plant in the Cypriot capital Nicosia.


The 22,000 m3 per day Vathia-Gonia wastewater treatment plant is commissioned. The Vathia-Gonia wastewater treatment plant is the largest Saur Group facility to use membrane technology to filter wastewater. It uses the Aqua-RM® treatment process patented by Saur Group, as well as ultraviolet disinfection technology. These processes produce treated water of exceptionally high quality.


Saur renews its €24 million contract with the Sewerage Board of Nicosia to operate the Vathia-Gonia wastewater treatment plant in Nicosia, capital of the Republic of Cyprus. Under the terms of the contract, the Group will continue to operate the plant for a further ten years.

The Sewerage Board of Paphos, represented by the Mayor of Paphos Phedon Phedonos, awards the 8-year, €14.6 million contract to operate the Paphos wastewater treatment plant to the Saur-Iacovou consortium following an international call for tenders. The site is equipped with technologies that enable treated wastewater reuse and renewable energy generation from treated sludge.

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