April 27, 2018

A new water industry careers training course in Saumur

With support from the Pays de Loire Region and the Saumur Val de Loire urban authority, the Lycée des Ardilliers has partnered with Saur to create a new water industry careers training course. A water industry careers training course that combines theory with hands-on practical experience. The Lycée des Ardilliers technology and business school in Saumur has signed a partnership agreement with Saur to introduce a new water industry careers training course at the start of the next academic year. The new one-year course leads to a professional qualification certified by the French Ministry for Labour, Employment, Vocational Training and Employee Relations and the French Water Companies Federation (F2PE). Designed on the basis of the work/study model, this training course combines theory lessons at the Lycée des Ardilliers in Saumur with hands-on learning in the field with Saur technicians on the basis of a monthly two-week cycle alternating school and field experience. This training course prepares students for careers as drinking water treatment plant managers, wastewater treatment plant managers and industrial IT technicians, and opens the door to further development into careers with high levels of responsibility, such as maintenance manager, operations manager, sector manager, etc. The apprentices on this course will be recruited mainly from the Pays de Loire Region. One of the main goals for Saur is to retain the students it trains in its own operational methods and resources, and offer young people the opportunity to work in their home region. These apprentices will also benefit from training provided by Saur trainers and experts, backed by personalised learning support provided in the field by their tutors in association with the Training centre. Applications are invited any time between now and the end of June. For full details, please contact: apprentissage@saur.fr - tel.: +33(0)1 30 60 86 16

The Lycée des Ardilliers

The Lycée des Ardilliers was awarded Lycée des métiers status in 2016, and is a school established by the Catholic Church and contracted to the French state. It is regularly rated as one of the best secondary schools in the department of Maine et Loire. It provides courses in business and sales, management and administration, health and social welfare and industrial production in conjunction with local companies. In addition to the Water Treatment Technician qualification based course offered in partnership with Saur, the apprenticeship unit is also preparing to introduce a new Production Line Leader baccalaureate course. The Lycée des Ardilliers and its apprenticeship training unit are members of the international Salesians of Don Bosco network that unites 10,202 institutions around the world. The Lycée des Ardilliers in Saumur has more than 522 students and trainees, 66 teachers and 15 trainers. Its campus is home to 4 separate institutions: – The business school, which provides training leading to service-sector careers (Business-Sales-Administrative Management) and careers in industry (Health/Social Welfare and Automated Production System Management), from Year 9 to Bac Professionnel vocational school-leaving qualification level – The technology school, which provides training in Health and Social Welfare – The Centre de Formation Permanent du Saumurois training centre, which offers a range of adult industrial training opportunities – The apprenticeship training unit, which works in partnership with companies to offer training to Mention Complémentaire level in water industry careers. Saur is committed to workplace integration for young people Saur works with local stakeholders to promote workplace integration, especially for young people. Saur therefore provides apprenticeship and/or skills enhancement training for people on job creation schemes, and makes a proactive contribution to the entrepreneur clubs that promote initiatives to drive local growth by creating jobs. By promoting employment through apprenticeships and skills enhancement training every year, all parts of the Saur Group train young people through apprenticeship schemes, offer skills enhancement training contracts and provide work for jobseekers either directly or through temporary schemes. In 2017, Saur provided training for 252 work/study students, and welcomed 180 trainees into the company.

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