June 21, 2016

Châteauroux entrusts its drinking water supply to Saur

At its community council meeting on Friday 29 April, the urban community of Châteauroux Métropole voted to entrust the management of its drinking water supply service to Saur for the towns of Châteauroux and Le Poinçonnet.

This 11½-year outsourced public service contract comes into effect on 15 July. Under the terms of the contract, Saur will supply drinking water to around 19,700 residents.

The decision in favour of Saur reflects the fact that it listens attentively to the needs of local authorities, and is able to respond effectively to their expectations via ambitious commitments in terms of expertise and innovation. Its local relationship with customers will become even closer with the opening of a customer service centre in Châteauroux town centre.

The benefits of the Operations Control Centre (OCC) in terms of service optimisation and the delivery of transparent information to local authorities played a decisive role in the choice of service provider made by the towns of Châteauroux and Le Poinçonnet. Invented by Saur in 2007, the OCC is the nerve centre for the control, management and analysis of local authority water supply and wastewater treatment data.

Packed with innovations developed out of the best digital technologies available in the market, our OCCs are revolutionising the industry by providing local authority councillors with a real-time comprehensive overview of the service delivered in their area. It gives Saur a clear competitive edge from the viewpoint of urban communities with a commitment to greater openness and taking back ownership of their own water policies; recent contracts include Arles, Valenciennes and Perpignan Méditerranée.

The OCCs are revolutionising the water industry by offering a service delivered at the best-possible price, regardless of the area served:

  • The very latest technologies in response to the new demands of the water market
  • The capability to anticipate events and respond immediately in the event of crisis
  • Total transparency of the contract and service performance data shared with local authorities

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